Produced by DOOM...
Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru has posted his new track 'Elder Blossoms' online.

The current creative resurgence in hip hop is producing some spectacular pieces of music, but what is perhaps most surprising - and impressive - is the way these new artists are dealing with the weight of history the genre possesses.

Take Bishop Nehru. Only 16 years old, the rapper is dealing in Golden Age beats but adding something new.

Born and raised in New York, recent mixtape 'Nehruvia' pilfers production from DJ Premier, J Dilla, Madlib and more. Pulled from said mixtape, 'Elder Blossoms' utilises a beat provided by iconic (and reclusive) hip hop don MF DOOM.

There's a clear parallel between the rappers, with Bishop Nehru's complex yet effortless flow reminiscent of DOOM's many twists and turns. The newcomer, though, has a smooth side, one that has a pastoral quality DOOM largely avoids.

Try this out for size.


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