Courtesy of Andy Bell

Beady Eye are streaming two entertainingly diverse mixtapes put together by Andy Bell.

It's been a hell of a day for ClashMusic. The team arrived this morning fresh from the weekend, ready to get stuck into our daily chores. However the site refused to budge, sparking numerous problems.

If you tried to access the site earlier today (August 1st) then you may well have noticed some of these issues. ClashMusic is now almost back to full speed, but the blood pressure of the team remains alarmingly high.

To try and chill the office out, the stereo has been blasting out two refreshing mixtapes - from the rather unexpected source of the Beady Eye website.

Pieced together by Andy Bell, the two mixes are extremely eclectic. The first - 'I'm Coming Up' - is designed to prepare you for the weekend, and features some cuts from Sebastian Tellier and J Dilla.

Yep, we managed to find a way to fit Beady Eye and J Dilla in the same news story! The second mix is designed to help the come down, and has been tagged by the guitarist as 'Morning-after music'.

Rooted in the 60s, the 'Drifting' mixtape contains hefty dollops of folk influenced material - Karen Dalton, Nick Drake - alongside some acid fried psychedelia.

Stream 'Drifting' below...

- - -


Simon and Garfunkel 'Scarborough Fair'
Dion 'Purple Haze'
Nick Drake 'At The Chime Of A City Clock'
Tim Hardin 'Misty Roses'
Tommy Graham 'Sahajiya'
David Crosby 'Laughing'
Richie Havens 'Follow'
Scott Walker 'Duchess'
Karen Dalton 'How Did The Feeling Feel To You?'
Judee Sill 'Crayon Angels'
Vashti Bunyan 'Winter Is Blue'
The Rolling Stones 'Play With Fire'
The Chocolate Watchband 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue'
Tim Buckley 'Buzzin Fly'
Patti Smith 'Hey Joe (Intro)'
Ryan Adams 'Amy'
Love 'The Red Telephone'
Jimi Hendrix 'Drifting'
Fleetwood Mac 'Albatross'


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