'Busy Baby' gets re-worked...
Tomas Barfod x Beacon artwork

A remix is little like a conversation, two distinct voices overlapping.

A sublime songwriter in his own right, Tomas Barfod recently unveiled 'Busy Baby'. Featuring vocals from Nina K, the results were quite infectious, taking Barfod in a distinctly soulful direction.

Now Beacon has stepped in to re-work the cut. A pair of contrasting quotes:

Tomas Barfod: "It's always fun to get a remix back from somebody, it's like unwrapping a present when you receive the link for the file, and wait for the music to download.Sometimes the remixer totally messes the original, other times it's a new little peace of art. Beacon succeded to change the track completely yet keeping a lot of the elements from the original, which is a really hard task. I'm thrilled about their approach."

Beacon: "A bit about our process: We like to send mixed messages to our synths... confuse them in a way. We will have the pc tell them to do one thing and simultaneously the internal computer inside the synths do another. The results always tend to surprise us and take chords in interesting directions. But its also frustrating and unreliable. Multiple takes, fingers crossed hoping the synth does something special. that's the treatment we gave Barfod's chords. you hear it start our remix, notes we've chopped and wrangled, dancing between the L and R mix. When it came to the vocals, we decided to use Nina's voice more as an instrument, floating around, landing every once in a while to check in."

Check it out below.

Tomas Barfod's album 'Love Me' is set to be released on June 9th.

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