Wonderfully odd psychedelia...
Antimatter People

The current psychedelic resurgence is resulting in all manner of curiosities, experiments and whimsical dreaming.

It's all to be encouraged, of course. After all, an 'Alice In Wonderland' style world where a simple sip of a tea cup can result in world-breaking hallucination is most definitely one worth residing in.

Hailing from London (don't they all, currently?) Antimatter People have been gently attracting attention for some time now with their other-worldly live shows.

Invited to feature on Kitsune's upcoming compilation 'New Faces' the band have contributed a quite special track. 'Mossy Ground' is perfect psychedelia, sitting on the pop-heavy side of early prog giants such as Genesis or even King Crimson.

A lengthy, meditative track which rolls and tumbles through green English fields, it's a trippy, colourful piece which feels both extremely modern and instantly familiar.

Check it out below.

'New Faces' is set to be released on February 24th.

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