New EP appears online...
Anna Meredith

Anna Meredith is streaming new EP 'Jet Black Raider' on Moshi Moshi - listen to it now.

Existing somewhere in the middle space of a Venn diagram which veers between avant garde classical composition and electro-pop, Anna Meredith is one of British music's more curious talents.

Working with Moshi Moshi, her live shows are a gleeful display of invention and an assured pop touch. New EP 'Jet Black Raider' is out now in the UK, another piece of inspired experimentation from the London based artist.

A four track document, the material will be bundled with previous EP 'Black Prince Fury' for a full Stateside introduction to Anna Meredith later in the year.

As a result, Moshi Moshi have placed both EPs online together. Some 38 minutes worth of music, the accumulative effect is hugely impressive with Anna Meredith managing to infect even her most cerebral moments with an infectious sense of humour.

Listen to it HERE.

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Anna Meredith is set to play the following show:

28 London Tipsy Bar

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