Taken from their new single...
Animal Collective

Animal Collective are streaming new track 'Crimson' - listen to it below.

So Animal Collective are in town. The Baltimore outfit are chewing up their European tour, hitting London on Sunday night (November 4th). The set is more muscular than before, with the group seemingly rejoicing in acting like a band again.

Set to play shows in Manchester, Glasgow and the band have also outlined plans for a new single. 'Applesauce' is set to be released on November 12th, and comes equipped with brand new track 'Crimson'.

Already a live favourite, 'Crimson' was seemingly laid down on tape during the sessions for 'Centipede Hz'. Opening with metallic synths clicking into gear, it features a fantastic vocal from Avey Tare - honestly, we're not sure why this didn't make it onto the album...

Stream 'Crimson' below.

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'Applesauce' is set to be released on November 12th.


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