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American songwriter Lissy Trullie is streaming her self-titled debut album - listen to it now.

Hailing from the United States, it has taken a British label to really put Lissy Trullie on the map. Falling in with the Wichita crew, the young songwriter found herself on the road with The Cribs, TV On The Radio and more.

Steeped in pop, Lissy Trullie isn't afraid to take the odd chance or two. Debut EP 'Self Taught Learner' introduced an independent spirit, before sessions opened last year for her first full length album.

Produced by John Hill (Santigold, MIA) and David Sitek (TV On the Radio), the pairing seem to represent the twin poles of Lissy Trullie's music. On one hand there is the magpie pop touch of Santigold, while on the other there is the probing experiments of TV On The Radio.

Out now, Wichita have kindly made Lissy Trullie's debut album available to stream - for free! - in yonder SoundCloud widget.

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