"We're about to do something real big"

Lil B and Drake are seemingly about to record a new track together.

Ah, Twitter. Where would our lives be without thee? The social networking tool has an immediacy that becomes addictive, with some artists Tweeting at all hours of the day and night.

Lil B is a case in point. Filling his Twitter feed with rumour, speculation and outlandish claims the rapper has crafted a profile which far exceeds his brief - yet flamboyant - career.

It seems that some of these claims might hold water. Recently Lil B wrote about a potential collaboration: "I want to work with "THE BASEDGOD" again he is the only one i herd rumors "THE BASEDGOD" will be working with drake - Lil B"

So far, so confusing. Fuse got on the phone to Lil B to ask for confirmation, coming away with the following quote: "Yeah, we're about to do something real big. I can't speak on it too much right now, but Drake is the only artist (Lil B) wants to work with. We've talked about doing some production."

Finishing, the rapper said: "(Drake) wants to do something and we're gonna make it happen. Something real big, so just look out for it."

The bizarre world of Lil B holds yet one more secret - the rapper has signed his cat. "Also news with the first animal in hip hop "keke" the adopted tabby cat who is signed to Lil B.....keke will make video ths week - Lil B".

Again speaking to Fuse, Lil B explained that this is, indeed, true. "My adopted Tabby cat Keke, the first animal artist signed to a label, is shooting a video this week. We wanna get Amber Rose on the remix because Amber showed love for Keke. Shouts out to Amber Rose for that!"

Here's 'Motivation'.


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