In time for Record Store Day...
Any Other City

Some albums just seem to spring fully formed out of the ether, with little to no antecedents, genres to hook into.

Life Without Buildings' debut - and, so far, only - album 'Any Other City' is one such example. Rooted in post-punk, the band took the era's fluid approach as a point of inspiration, rather than its sound.

A bewitching, beguiling, fascinating document which continues to puzzle almost fifteen years on, 'Any Other City' is set to be re-issued in time for Record Store Day.

Rough Trade will support the release, with 'Any Other City' gaining a new vinyl pressing on April 19th. First editions come with a repress of their debut 7 inch single, containing alternate recordings of album tracks 'The Leanover' and 'New Town'.

Here's 'New Town'.

'Any Other City' will be re-issued on Record Store Day (April 19th). Tracklisting:

1. PS Exclusive
2. Let’s Get Out
3. Juno
4. The Leanover
5. Young Offenders
6. Philip
7. Envoys
8. 14 Days
9. New Town
10. Sorrow


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