Added to Titus Andronicus tour

Let's Wrestle have been added to the upcoming UK shows by American group Titus Andronicus.

For whatever reason, Britain is just not producing thrilling guitar music any more. The few really great acts that are out there linger on the sidelines, shunned by a mainstream that seems to prefer a rehash of the worst aspects of 80s excess.

However a few new groups are attracting our attention. Hailing from London, Let's Wrestle are a coiled spring of aggression ready to go off. Countless shows led to a series of seven inch singles, before sessions began on their debut album.

Combining a shrewd pop touch with hardcore riffs, Let's Wrestle released their debut album last week. 'In The Court Of Wrestling Let's' was a superb introduction to the group, mixing new material with lesser heard rarities.

Early editions came with a bonus disc, the extras include 'I Wish I Was In Husker Du'. "This was the first Let's Wrestle song. I wrote it when me and Darkus used to go watch Trencher and Part Chimp and smoke weed in club toilets" explains Wesley Gonzales. "It was my real introduction to the London toilet circuit. It's not changed much."

Meanwhile opener 'My Arms Don't Bend That Way' was apparently inspired by a dark celerity site. "This song was written about Amy Winehouse. I read on a forum that people were predicting when she would die. I felt bad so wrote this" he said.

"The title came from a Japanese film me and my buddy Koichi watched. These were the subtitles when we paused it."

With the album out now, Let's Wrestle are set to head back out on tour. The London trio have been confirmed as the main support for Titus Andronicus, themselves celebrating a successful year.

Opening in Brighton on November 17th, the tour will wind its way around the UK before finishing in London. The final date takes place on November 25th, with Let's Wrestle set to play the Scala venue.

Let's Wrestle are set to play the following shows:

17 Brighton The Albert
18 Cambridge Haymakers
19 Bristol Cooler
20 Nottingham Bodega
25 London Scala

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