La's won't be reforming any time soon

Estranged frontman of The La's Lee Mavers has ruled out ever reforming the band.

The La's formed in the mid 80s, and endured numerous line up changes before Mavers put the band on hiatus almost a decade later. Though they may have only released one album, the band have gone on to become one of the most influential groups of their generation.

A La's fan who met Mavers in Liverpool has posted about the experience on Thela's. org. The user asked Mavers about reforming his iconic band, and was told he "doesn't see the point".

The La's reformed after the Millennium for a handful of shows before going their separate ways again. In the interview, apparently Mavers' was wound up by his brother who wants to see some new material.

The singer also dismissed the La's bootleg 'Kitchen Tape' which appeared in 2006. Recorded in 1989 as a rehearsal Maver's declared it to be "a load of fucking garbage".

Lee Mavers has rarely appeared in public in recent times, although a Youtube video of him jamming with Pete Doherty on old La's classics. It is not known if he is working on new material.

Mavers also gave his opinion on Oasis' 'The Importance Of Being Idle' - said to be a rip off of a La's tune. "Noel needs to realise the importance of being honest" he claimed.

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