The La's to record new album

Maverick scouse songwriter Lee Mavers is set to begin auditioning musicians to record the long awaited second album by The La's.

The La's formed in a Liverpool music scene still dominated by the legacy of post punk. Long trenchcoats, spiky guitar lines and 'deep' lyrics were in, while sunshine harmonies and classic songwriting were most definitely out.

Sticking to his guns, Lee Mavers crafted a songbook that contains some of indie's best loved gems. Pioneering a style of modern British rock that had one eye on the past and one on the future, his distinctive songcraft made him a celebrated figure with Noel Gallagher amongst those paying homage.

The La's released their first, and thus far only, album in 1991. Coming after Mavers jettisoned a series of producers, the tortuous recording sessions have entered music legend with the singer at one point refusing to use a mixing desk as it didn't have real dust from the 60s on it.

Now is seems that Lee Mavers is ready to record the band's second album, almost two decades after their debut. In recent months the songwriter has been working with Babyshambles, and has stated his intention to record with the group.

Mavers played a recent house gig as part of the Instigate Debate program. Performing alongside Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnel, after the show the indie star told BBC 6Music that the collaboration is set to continue.

McConnell explained that the new version of The La's are currently searching for a bassist and drummer, with the outfit set to debut at Sheffield's Tramlines festival later this year.

"At the end of that tour we're going to go in and record the second record, which is all written already," McConnell told BBC 6 Music. "We just need to find a drummer and a guitar player that can nail it down the same way I have."

"He saw me playing double bass and asked me if he could have a jam with me. The next day he came round to my house. A month later he's still there... As a musician I feel really honoured. I must have done something good in a past life."

The debut album by The La's was re-issued last year in an expansive format. Pretty much everything the group ever recorded together has now been released, with demos, BBC sessions and live takes all commercially available.

Of the band's initial line up, only bassist John Power has gone on to receive more public acclaim, singing with Britpop heroes Cast.

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