Michigan producer returns...
Chance Of Rain

Laurel Halo is set to release new album 'Chance Of Rain' through Hyperdub on October 28th.

Having recorded and released material for a wide array of labels, Laurel Halo really seems to have found kindred spirits in Hyperdub. The British label took care of 2012's debut album 'Quarantine', and will provide safe harbour for the producer's next move.

'Chance Of Run' drops on October 28th, with the label describing it as "a cerebral exploration of the intersection between rhythmic and ambient music, drawing together ideas of movement and stillness, psychedelia and presence of mind."

Seemingly, the material on the album owes much to Laurel Halo's live improvisations. Fleshed out in the studio, the cover art was designed by Laurel Halo's father who the press release describes as "a visual artist whose work focuses on industrial landscapes of Michigan and the Rust Belt at large. The artwork here is an early work of his from the 1970s, reflecting the album’s psychedelic, twisted yet hopeful tone."

That's it above. (via FACT)

Oh, and while we're here... Glasgow producer Konx-om-Pax recently placed his limited edition album 'Light In Extension' on BandCamp. Opening track 'Halo Ritual' is a droning epic, and features contributions from Laurel Halo and Mogwai guitarist Stuart Braithwaite.

Listen to it HERE.

'Chance Of Rain' is set to be released on October 28th. Tracklisting:

1. Dr Echt
2. Oneiroi
3. Serendip
4. Chance of Rain
5. Melt
6. Still/Dromos
7. Thrax
8. Ainnome
9. -Out

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