That voice, that voice, that wonderful voice...

Often in pop music the voice is simply a means of delivering a message.

However sometimes - just occasionally, mind - the voice has been used as an expressive instrument in its own right.

Lewes-raised newcomer Laucan has a remarkable, enthralling voice, one that pirouettes up the octaves before plunging down into the depths.

Freshly signed to Sunday Best, Laucan is due to release new EP 'Up Tomorrow' on March 10th (pre-order LINK).

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Tectonic Plates' and it's a thing of beauty - slow-moving, glacial songwriting eclipsed by that voice, that wonderful voice...

Laucan says of the song: "These words were written in a London park one morning and stayed in a notebook for a while before I eventually happened upon them again. I was messing around with some chords, and decided to structure them completely around this bit of writing I had. I played it for the first time, as I remember, almost exactly as I did when recording with Andrew for the EP and I’ve tried not to de-construct it too much. It’s just a little reflection of an isolated moment."

Tune in now.

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