In UK Cinemas 17th December

It's been the most avidly anticipated release of just about any film in recent years, with what has felt like a constant barrage of trailers, teasers, Daft Punk soundtrack leaks and the like. Well, the time is almost upon us...the Disney produced 'Tron Legacy' finally hits cinemas in the UK on 17th December.

Just to whet your whistle for the final time we have the latest and last trailer before the real thing explodes onto the big screen. There's some great new shots of the Clu character (Jeff Bridges made to look digitally younger) with the emphasis being on the father son relationship rather than big budget special effects, although they are in there too. What's most pleasing about the look of the film to us is that the graphics have a pleasingly retro quality carried over from the first film. We can only hope that it's not style over substance.

Watch the 'Tron Legacy' trailer here.


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