New collaboration in the works...
Lana Del Rey x Dan Auerbach

Lana Del Rey is the overnight success who is refusing to go away.

The soaring success of 'Video Games' during 2012 sparked all manner of comment, including more than a few negative reactions.

Yet here we are, two years later and the American artist is working on a new album. Recruiting a series of guests, a few hours ago Lana Del Rey posted a picture of herself with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach on Twitter.

No idea as yet what the collaboration will entail, but it's a lovely photo, no?

As Pitchfork point out, Auerbach hasn't always been so kind to Lana Del Rey. "On some level, we've seen that Lana Del Rey thing since we first started," he told MTV back in 2012. "All of a sudden this new band would be headlining festivals and we're like, 'Wait, how did they get that?' We've been here for two, three, four, five years and we're still working our way up. But then they're gone. Just as quickly as they get up there, they disappear." 

One more time... here's 'Video Games'.

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