"The wool was pulled right over everyone's eyes there."
My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine guitarist Kevin Shields has claimed that Britpop was part of a government conspiracy.

My Bloody Valentine missed Britpop. The seminal shoegaze group were absent for much of the 90s, heading into a downward spiral following their switch to a major label.

Yet this doesn't mean that they weren't analysing the world around them. Kevin Shields recently spoke to the Guardian, and the very mention of the 'Cool Britannia' phenomenon sparked an angry reaction.

"Britpop was massively pushed by the government" he said. Someday it would be interesting to read all the MI5 files on Britpop. The wool was pulled right over everyone's eyes there."

But what could the nature of this conspiracy be? Britpop was largely a left-leaning phenomenon, with Noel Gallagher famously sipping champagne at Number Ten with Tony Blair. Did MI5 engineer a mood of positivity in the public to remove a deeply unpopular Conservative government? Or is this simply tall tales from a master of mythology?

Time will tell...

Here's 'Only Shallow'.

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