Produced by Dave Sitek...

Kelis has signed to Ninja Tune for the release of her new album 'Food'.

Ninja Tune has a long, illustrious and - frequently - odd history. Playing the game by its own rules, the label has built up a reputation for working with artists, for nurturing and developing new talent.

But if you get the chance to sign Kelis as well... why not?

The 'Caught Out There' singer has penned a deal with Ninja Tune, who will release new album 'Food' on April 28th. Produced by Dave Sitek, the material is billed as 'frank and wonderful' whilst Phil Spector is used as a reference point.

A quote from Kelis: "I'm really happy to be partnering with Ninja Tune on my new record. This is the album I've wanted to make for a long time and I want the team around me to be as excited and energetic about it as I am. I'm also very happy to be working with some of the most creative people in the industry."

'Food' is set to be released on April 28th.

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