Bobbie Gordon collaboration confirmed
Kele Okereke x Billie Gordon

Kele Okereke is set to release material via a new 3D format.

The growth of the digital marketplace has forced artists to find new ways to release their music. Cassettes, the vinyl revival... hell, only a few weeks ago Alcopop! decided to release material as a bicycle.

Bacardi Beginnings though, may just have topped the lot. The ongoing project specialise in formalising collaboration, with Kele Okereke - newly signed to Crosstown Rebels - set to work with Bobbie Gordon on one off track 'Down Boy'.

Set to be released shortly, the track will be available via a brand new 3D format. Kele Okereke comments: "I'd heard about the BACARDÍ Beginnings campaign before I was approached to take part, so you can say it’s been really successful if someone like me who wasn't even paying attention noticed it. I’m really excited about being part of this year’s project and working with Bobbie. She has a lovely quality and fresh energy to her voice which works really well with the up-tempo dance track we’ve created. I hope this project makes people take notice of her."

Watch Kele Okereke x Bobbie Gordon discuss the project below.

Kele Okereke x Bobbie Gordon will host a launch party for 'Down Boy' on December 12th - details HERE. The release will be showcased in the world's first pop up 3D pressing plant, which runs between December 13th and 14th in central London.

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