“It just really changed how I heard music"

Bloc Party singer turned solo star Kele Okereke has spoken about the dance influences on his new album.

Bloc Party were always interested in electronic music. Each of the band's studio albums were given the remix treatment, with 'Intimacy' going as far as to include a few drum machines and synth lines.

However on his new solo album Kele Okereke has leaped into the dance world. New single 'Tenderoni' is a pounding slice of electro-house, with parent album 'The Boxer' showing a definite dance influence.

Constructed with an array of new equipment, the singer seems to find a new lease of life. Speaking to ClashMusic, Kele Okereke explained that exploring dance influences re-energised him.

“I guess it got me more onto the rhythmical ideas of music,” he explains of his time being inculcated behind the decks. “It just really changed how I heard music and it became exciting again.”

“I felt like I had lost a lot of my enthusiasm for being in a band and making music, which was a little uncomforting for me" he told ClashMusic. "Making this record reminded me about what I enjoyed about making music.”

Producer XXXChange took charge of the album, with the actual recording taking place in New York. However Kele Okereke is keen to point out that the result is not a dance album, but rather a collection of pop songs.

“It’s not and it was never my intention to make one” he explains defensively. “I’ve made a pop record. It was more about using the sounds and the textures you hear from clubbing and putting it in a pop format."

"I’ve always wanted to make songs that mums could like… People will see that there are other ways to be moved than a guy strumming a guitar.”

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