Johnny Depp working on new film

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has revealed that he is working on a new documentary about Rolling Stones star Keith Richards.

As a boy Keith Richards had a fantasy to somehow combine being a cowboy with playing the guitar. Perhaps rock's ultimate outlaw, The Rolling Stones founder has managed to do both with some style.

A fateful meeting at a train station put Keith Richards on course with Mick Jagger, with the two forming a formidable songwriting partnership. Under their guidance The Rolling Stones would become one of the biggest bands in the world.

As his fame increased so too would Keith Richards' notoriety. One of the most famous drug users on the planet, the stories about the guitarist's abuse of chemicals have reached mythic proportions.

A full body blood transplant, 'dying' in the company of journalist Nick Kent and an inability to recall anything from the 70s are all accusations launched at the guitarist.

Now Johnny Depp has revealed that he is working on a documentary based on the famous guitarist. The actor has been friends with The Rolling Stones star for some time, and openly admits basing his character in 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' on the guitarist.

Speaking to a Serbian website, the actor revealed his intentions to film a documentary about Keith Richards.

The guitarist is still active, although The Rolling Stones have been silent since 2005's tour 'A Bigger Bang'. Rumours that the band were to tour this summer - and headline Glastonbury - were scotched late last year.

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