But they are taking a break...

Keane have stepped in to deny reports that they are splitting up.

As Ross Gellar once put it: we were on a break!

A feeling Keane know only too well. Across the weekend, reports emerged that the group were set to take time off in order to pursue other projects. Quickly gathering pace, speculation soon mounted that the band was in fact over, ending a 16 year run. 

The Sun broke the news, while a spokesperson told Digital Spy: "Keane are taking a break after the Best Of to pursue their own projects."

So when does a break become a split? When Keane say so, apparently. Chatting to Real Radio Yorkshire, Tom Chaplin flat out denied that this represents the end of the band: "This is something that has been twisted by one particular article in one particular newspaper over the weekend. All we've said is that we've been very busy for a few years and we'd like to take a bit of time out from being Keane, and somehow that has morphed into 'Keane are splitting up'."

'The Best Of Keane' is set to be released on November 11th. Here's 'Everybody's Changing'.

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