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A documentary on Bikini Kill and Le Tigre singer Kathleen Hanna is searching for fan funding.

Riot Grrl was an almost completely mis-understood phenomenon. Rising to public attention at a time when grunge was becoming increasingly dominated by machismo, the movement aimed to provide a feminine voice for underground rock.

Mis-represented by the press, Riot Grrl was in reality a fun, creative and ultimately inspirational force. As the singer with Bikini Kill, Kathleen Hanna became one of the movement's most recognisable faces.

Frequently outspoken, Kathleen Hanna at one point refused to speak to the press after numerous quotes were taken completely out of context.

Bikini Kill released several influential albums before splitting, with Kathleen Hanna then forming Le Tigre. Leading a fascinating career, the singer's life and work will be documented in the new film 'The Punk Singer'.

Shot on a tiny budget, the film is currently searching for pledges from fans to assist with funding. $44,000 is needed to see 'The Punk Singer' through post-production, with a range of benefits on offer to fans.

The highest pledge - $10,000 - will see Kathleen Hanna herself re-design a room in your house. Elsewhere, a variety of fanzines, signed DVDs and posters are on offer to fans who support the project.

Kickstarter are taking charge of the pledge project, with director Sini Anderson revealing a little of what to expect from the film.

"(Kathleen Hanna has) been a lightning rod for controversy, and a famously private person. Five years ago, she disappeared from the public eye, and is only now re-emerging. The Punk Singer combines 20 years of archival footage and an intimate look at four consecutive seasons of Hanna’s present life, to tell the story of what happened, and who she is now."

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