Synthetic materials in press pictures

Kate Bush has issued a statement denying that she is wearing fur in recent press pictures.

Once a fashion staple, these days fur is viewed in a rather more negative light. The idea that an animal should be killed - and then skinned - in order to provide someone with this season's 'must have' is generally viewed as being barbaric.

In the past, Kate Bush has spoken out against the use of fur in the fashion trade. However recent press pictures appeared to show the singer wrapping in a material that looked distinctly like fur.

Defusing the debate as quickly as possible, Kate Bush stepped in to release a statement denying that the material is natural.

- - -

Hi there,

We have recently taken some photos and I just want to pre-empt any concerns there might be as I'm sure most of you will feel the same way as I do about wearing real fur. All the fur in these photos is synthetic.

Best wishes,

- - -

In the past, Kate Bush has frequently spoken against animal cruelty, recently telling John Russell: "I don't wear fur coats. I haven't got one. I don't own one and I don't believe in wearing them."

Meanwhile, the countdown is continuing for the singer's new album '50 Words For Snow'. Set to be released on November 21st the record contains just seven tracks but lasts for some 65 minutes.

Set against the backdrop of falling snow, the tracklisting for the new album is as follows:

'Lake Tahoe'
'Snowed In At Wheeler Street'
'50 Words For Snow'
'Among Angels'

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