Produced by her husband...

Actress turned singer Karen Elson has spoken about working with her husband Jack White on new material.

Husband and wife partnerships have varying degrees of success. For every Ike And Tina there are Johnny and June Carter Cash, proving that music and marriage can sometimes mix.

Karen Elson is a hugely respected actress, who married Jack White back in 2005. The pair have two children together, with Elson now set to take time out in order to pursue a musical career.

Born in Oldham, the actress is due to release 'The Ghost Who Walks' on May 25th. Jack White took charge of production duties, which Karen Elson admits she found quite daunting.

“Jack is who Jack is, and I was very nervous to even play him my songs at first" she told BBC 6Music. “Jack would overhear me over the course of a year and wouldn’t tell me. Eventually he said ‘play me the songs, we’re going into the studio tomorrow.’”

Continuing, the singer explained that her debut album has been in the planning stages for some time. “I’d been writing songs for quite some time. I made a bunch of really iffy demos on my four-track, but I’d never play them for anybody because they’d laugh at me, probably" she claimed.

'The Ghost Who Walks' was recorded in typical Jack White style. Stripped down, the production was done without the aid of computers. "Jack records all to tape, he doesn’t use any sort of gimmickery, so a lot of the takes on the record are live takes" she said.

"Jack forced me to do it, but it was the best medicine.”

Karen Elson is set to release her debut album 'The Ghost Who Walks' on May 25th.

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