For tossing business cards onstage

Kanye West has thrown a fan out of a concert for throwing a pile of business cards onstage.

Let the hate continue...

A matter of hours after ClashMusic reported that Axl Rose had confronted a fan during a Guns N Roses concert, news is emerging that Kanye West has also thrown a fan out of a live performance.

Kanye West was performing with Jay-Z, with the pair using a complex set to focus on their album 'Watch The Throne'. Playing at the Tacoma Dome in Washington DC, the rapper noticed a fan tossing business cards out over the stage.

Enraged, Kanye West demanded that an entire section of the crowd be thrown out unless the person admitted responsibility. "I see it come from that direction, so all four of them got to go. Unless one person raises their hand and says 'I'm the one who did it', all that whole section gotta go."

Eventually, the person responsible was ejected from the show with Kanye West and Jay-Z completing the concert to a 20,000 strong audience. Watch a clip of the rapper confronting the fan below...

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Meanwhile, Kanye West and Jay-Z are still battling Syl Johnson. The soul icon claims that the pair plagiarised his work, using a sample from his song 'Different Strokes' on 'Watch The Throne' without permission.

According to Billboard, the pair have built a legal defence around three points: that Syl Johnson has no legal right to bring the case, that 'Different Strokes' was recorded before the 1972 amendment on copyright in sound recordings and that they approached the singer to gain legal clearance.

According to the their Answer, filed by attorney Carrie Hall:

"Any claim based on the alleged use of Plaintiffs' recording is is barred because, inter alia, (a) the allegedly copied portion of the Plaintiff's recording is not part of the musical composition; and, if it is part of the composition, (b) is not protectable and/or (c) any use was de minimus."

The case is ongoing.

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