...as a "recovering gay fish"
Kanye West

Kanye West is set to be the target of South Park's latest season finale.

South Park take no prisoners. So given his public visibility, it was perhaps inevitable that the writing team would eventually turn their ire on Kanye West.

Infamously, the rapper is the subject of a joke involving 'fish sticks' in the series, which results in him becoming a gay fish.

Quickly becoming viral, the clip even spawned a lyric on 'My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy' - "choke a South Park writer with a fish stick".

Well, they're at it again. 'Kanye West' returns to South Park for their latest season finale, in which he seemingly plays a "recovering gay fish".

Alongside this, the writing team poke fun at Yeezy's chat with Zane Lowe and his subsequent row with Jimmy Kimmel.

Check out a teaser below. (via FACT)

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