Beware the axeman...

Kanye West has posted a new 'American Psycho' inspired clip as the 'Yeezus' push continues.

If anyone knows, can understand, can articulate the pressures of celebrity culture then it's Kanye West. One of the most powerful rappers in the game, his every move is followed by the flash of lightbulbs and the ticking of headlines.

With new album 'Yeezus' out now, anyone expecting the hip hop icon to go quietly has another thing coming. Launching the record with a host of projections, Kanye West hinted at a bloody new clip.

Last night the film finally arrived - and it's every bit as uncompromising as you might imagine. Obviously inspired by 'American Psycho' it stars Scott Disick (who echoes Christian Bale's character from the original film) and Jonathan Cheban (whose part is similar to Jared Leto's).


'Yeezus' is out now - check out a Clash 'First Thoughts' feature on the album HERE.


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