Hype Williams to direct
'Yeezus' still

Barely a day goes by without Kanye West making news in some part of the globe.

The hip hop icon has a knack for self-publicity, even when he'd probably rather stay out of the newspapers.

Much rumoured, Kanye West has now detailed plans for his 'Yeezus' movie. A feature length film, the project has been shot in collaboration with acclaimed director Hype Williams.

Watch a clip on Kanye West's website HERE.

Due to be released later this year, 'Yeezus' is far from the first collaboration between Kanye West and Hype Williams - the director has worked on videos such as 'Diamond From Sierra Leone', 'Gold Digger' and more as well as assisting on the script for the 'Runaway' short film.

Check out 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone' below.

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