'Loud City Song' due for release on August 19th
Julia Holter

Julia Holter is set to release her new album 'Loud City Song' on August 19th.

Based in Los Angeles, Julia Holter is a literal torrent of new ideas. Matching indie rock to free jazz, acoustic balladry to experimental climes, the singer won overwhelming acclaim for debut album 'Tragedy' and last year's follow up 'Ekstasis'.

Working on a new full length - her first full studio LP in the true sense - the singer is now ready to take her next step. New album 'Loud City Song' is set to be released on August 19th, but the material owes its origins to the early days of Holter's career.

Taking inspiration from Collette’s 1944 novella 'Gigi' the material was fleshed out last year, with producer Cole Marsden Grief-Neill working alongside a select batch of Los Angeles musicians.

Opening track 'World' emerged online recently - listen to it below.

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'Loud City Song' will be released on August 19th. Tracklisting:

1. World
2. Maxim's I
3. Horns Surrounding Me
4. In The Green Wild
5. Hello Stranger
6. Maxim's II
7. He's Running Through My Eyes
8. This Is a True Heart
9. City Appearing

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Clash caught up with Julia Holter last year - check out the interview HERE.

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