US rocker on indie group

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has spoken about his time producing the forthcoming Arctic Monkeys album, it has been reported.

Homme was at the control desk for sessions at his personal studio in the Joshua Tree, California. The third album by Arctic Monkeys, it follows two of the most celebrated British releases of the past ten years.

Josh Homme appeared as a special guest on Biffy Clyro's Radio 1 takeover show on January 16th, and was asked what the experience was like. "Oh man, it was great. We spent most of the time in Joshua Tree and it was really cool to be present and watch them go nuts."

Homme was asked if the group experimented with peyote, the legendary drug associated with native peoples of Mexico. The producer joked "well I did, but I didn't tell them, so there were just a few days when they were like 'Why are you being so weird?' I didn't think it was weird, I just said the word 'Ham' 4,000 times."

Later on in the interview Homme informally agreed to produce Biffy Clyro's new album.

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