In the video for 'Black Mold'

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have unveiled the video for new track 'Black Mold'.

Aptly named, the Blues Explosion rarely - if ever - hold back. New album 'Beat And Bone' is no exception, with the American group leaping out of the tracks with an energy that would stun new groups.

Stand out track 'Black Mold' is all shattering guitars, collapsing drums and visceral, eyes bulging energy. Given the video treatment by director Toon Aerts, the resulting clip is a bloody, no holds barred thriller.

Musing on the shoot, Toon Aerts said recently: "We shot it in Wallonië in the southern part of Belgium, the French speaking part of Belgium. Originally we wanted to crash a flying saucer into a western town, and were thinking of doing it in Spain, where a lot of Spaghetti Westerns were shot, but we couldn’t really get a crew there. That’s when I came up with the idea to do it in the woods".

"A lot of horror films are in the woods, 'The Evil Dead' reference was there right away, so I found this place and the owners were happy to work with us. It really wasn’t as cool as it looks – we had to take out all of their furniture and put in a new set. It was a lot of work. We experimented a lot with the black mold effect. Saskia Verreycken, the SFX person, has a special machine to put fur on humans. She is famous in Belgium for doing make up and effects for movies and TV — when anyone is getting shot or bleeding, she is there!"

Watch the video below.

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