King Creosote collaboration released

Jon Hopkins has spoken to ClashMusic about his work with King Creosote on 'Diamond Mine'.

On paper, it's an odd couple. One is an experienced producer, used to dealing with the likes of Coldplay. The other is a cult hero, residing in a remote part of Fife and releasing homespun acoustic vignettes.

Yet Jon Hopkins and King Creosote make a formidable partnership. The pair first met back in 2005, and since then have been swapping ideas. Settling down to record a full album last year, the two artists seem to compliment each other perfectly.

Released this week, new album 'Diamond Mine' is a superb achievement. A concept album of sorts about a village in Fife, the music has a rare sense of place which matches wonderful songwriting to a rich sound.

Speaking to ClashMusic, Jon Hopkins reflected on the making of the album. Once we made time to focus on material he would come down and we would go through songs from his back catalogue. I would record his vocal and his acoustic guitar. In all songs apart from two I didn’t use his acoustic guitar – I would replicate it on something else with the same chords or some other arrangement” he explains.

“I wanted to make almost definitive versions of those songs. In my solo electronic work things tend to get quite experimental, but with this I wanted to focus on songwriting. ‘Bats In The Attic’ has guitar, piano, a few bits of percussion and a harmonium but everything else is just vocals and harmony."

"There are other elements on the record but each track really only uses a few different parts. I recorded them quite simply using analogue as much as possible, just to get his voice out there in the front because he’s such an incredible, incredible singer.”

It seems that the timing was fortuitous. “I was quite lucky with the vocals as he actually took a year off booze and the voice essentially improved with that. I think May 2009 was when we recorded most of the vocals and he was just having an incredible singing day. We did everything in one or two takes each.”

'Diamond Mine' is out now.

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