Inspired by Sega...
Joker Drive

Joker has released free 'Sega inspired' mini-album 'Joker Drive'.

Grime and dubstep pioneers have always doffed their cap towards the chip tune scene. Grime would be nothing without the shrill clarion call of a distorted Commodore 64 sound card, while dubstep's retro-Futurism saw a slew of producers evoke a sense of nostalgia via carefully placed 8-Bit nuggets.

Now Joker has re-ignited this dynamic with a free download release. 'Joker Drive' is a Sega tribute of sorts, with the beats having that sharpness familiar to anyone who spent long hours completing 'Sonic & Tails'.

Containing nine tracks, each song title is linked to an imaginary level with the entire thing climaxing with a 'Special Stage'. It's a fun exercise - sure, it's hardly essential but the playful atmosphere harks back to those early Joker cuts which made him such a powerful force during the rise of the so-called Purple Sound.

Of course, this isn't the first time Joker has tried this trick - 4AD debut 'The Vision' contains the track 'Level 6 (Interlude)' which can be regarded as a prototype of sorts for the new release.

Listen to 'Joker Drive' below. (via Self-Titled Mag)

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