Featuring a prosthetic nose...
Johnny Borrell

Johnny Borrell doesn't lack confidence.

Anyone who traipses across the British festival circuit in skin tight white jeans, braving field after field of mud, gets a doff of the cap from Clash HQ.

Returning with a new solo album, the divisive songwriter no doubt prepared himself for the slings and arrows from haters. 'Borrell 1' didn't set the charts alight, but it did sparked renewed speculation regarding the singer - speculation which is only set to increase with his new video.

'Cyrano Masochiste' is a rollicking, piano-driven, jazz-fuelled stomper which features Johnny Borrell in prime ranting form. In an obvious nod to the titular character, the English songwriter dons an enormous prosthetic nose for the video.

A striking dramatic move? Or simply idiotic? Fans are already divided...

Watch it now.

- - -

'Borrell 1' is out now.

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