Punk group to star in new campaign

American designer John Varvatos has teamed up with Green Day to launch his new collection.

Famed for his musical collaborations, John Varvatos has kept fans guessing for months as to the identity of his latest playmate. Now the designer has revealed that Green Day will help him launch his new collection.

Themed around the city of New York, the punk group are shown floating on top of the world - literally. Inspired by Phillippe Petit’s breath-taking stunt in 'Man On Wire' the campaign also references Charles C. Ebbets’ classic 1932 photograph 'Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam'.

A New York patriot, John Varvatos was pleased to take the new campaign back to the city. “It’s just the right combination of laid-back and outrageous to perfectly represent the star quality of the band and the only place big enough to hold them.”

Danny Clinch agreed. “The idea was to portray Green Day as larger than life full of the rock‘n’ roll spirit that lives in John’s head and that he translates so well into his line of clothes. We feel like these images really nailed it.”

Watch the first clip from the Spring / Summer campaign below...

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Find out more about the new John Varvatos collection HERE.

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