Worldwide rights deal made

The makers of the new John Lennon movie 'Nowhere Boy' have sold the rights to the movie to the massive distribution firm The Weinstein Company.

Nearly thirty years since his death in front of the Dakota Building in New York, John Lennon's image looms large in rock and roll. As one half of the creative partnership that drove The Beatles, Lennon's contribution to music is inarguable.

A variable solo career was back in full flow by 1980, having rediscovered his muse after a lengthy hiatus. Sadly, just as it seemed his personal and professional life were at their fullest, Lennon was shot dead by a deranged fan.

A new film aims to tackle the Lennon legend from a different angle. 'Nowhere Boy' looks at the singer's childhood and adolescence, and helps to explain how an ordinary kid from a provincial city in England could have become a global star.

Written by Matt Greenhalgh - who also worked on 'Control' - the film is to be directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. Currently filming on the streets of Liverpool, the film will star Kristin Scott-Thomas, Thomas Sangster and more.

The film is said to focus on Lennon's relationship with women, specifically his mother and his famous Aunt Mimi. 'Nowhere Boy' is also rumoured to feature the singer discovering rock and roll, and forming his first group.

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