Laurel Halo steps in to remix ‘Living With You’
John Cale

John Cale has made his new single ‘Living With You’ available to purchase now.

A truly ground breaking artist, John Cale's return seemed to underline his continuing importance in modern music. Working with Domino's Double Six subsidiary, cheekily titled new album 'Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood' was a wry, at times quite challenging return.

Today (February 25th) the Welsh born songwriter unveiled the third single to be taken from his album. Built around the viola and some gently plucked nylon guitar strings, it's a sparse track which manages to playfully toy with expectations.

Speaking about the track, John Cale said that he had "found a way to write a nice feeling and not be terribly sappy about it. I do have an occasional moment of happiness, but they never last too long!"

Bundled as a single, 'Living With You' comes equipped with an 'Organic Mix' as well as a remix courtesy of Laurel Halo. Listen to the 'Quarantine' producer's re-working below.

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'Living With You' is out now.


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