Julie Delpy to direct

Julie Delpy is set to direct a biopic inspired by the life of The Clash frontman Joe Strummer.

Almost a decade on from his death, Joe Strummer remains an icon. In fact, without putting too fine a point on it, the singer's basic humanitarianism is much needed in an era of press intrusion, political corruption and financial uncertainty.

Talk of a Joe Strummer biopic has been rife for some time, but it seems that the film will now go ahead. Cinema trade magazine Variety reports (via BBC) that Julie Delpy will direct the forthcoming biopic.

The French actress / director wrote, starred and directed in 2007's '2 Days In Paris' but has also appeared in such films as 'Before Sunrise' and 'Killing Zoe'.

The film will be named 'The Right Profile' and apparently focusses on Joe Strummer's disappearance in 1982. The Clash singer later recalled the incident for the Don Letts documentary 'Westway To The World' finishing with a resigned 'you've got to have some regrets...'

According to myth, The Clash were due to play a British tour when - shocked by poor sales - manager Bernie Rhodes instructed Joe Strummer to go missing. Deciding to take the statement seriously, the frontman went missing for weeks, refusing to disclose where he had gone.

In Julien Temple's film 'The Future Is Unwritten' the director uncovered a fascinating story which revealed that Joe Strummer had fled across Europe before finally running the Paris marathon.

Meanwhile, the charity Strummerville aim to mark the 10th anniversary of the singer's death with a calendar featuring some unseen shots of the singer. All sales will be donated to charity, with the project due to be launched alongside a number of Christmas cards which were designed by the frontman before his death.

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