Pair of 12 inch releases confirmed
Hessle Audio

Joe and Pearson Sound are set to return to Hessle Audio for a pair of new releases.

One of the true driving forces behind innovation in British dance music, Hessle Audio essentially revolves around a handful of friends. Famously named after a street in their shared university home of Leeds, the label is set to welcome back two big hitters.

Pearson Sound is a founder member of the Hessle community, but frequently releases via other imprints. Returning home, David Kennedy clutches three new tracks inspired by (variously) a lost kitten, the joys of percussion and what used to be known as Opal Fruits.

Named in honour of that fabled cat, 'Lola' is all crunchy percussion and straight-ahead house vibes. 'Power Drumsss' continues the rhythmic shift, while 'Starburst' is a joyous, zest-filled finale.

Joe, meanwhile, is perhaps the most reclusive of the Hessle crew. Rarely appearing live and barely deigning to answer any interview requests, the producer's reputation relies on his ability to twist and turn dancefloor shapes into something new, jarring and quite unexpected.

'Slope' is a dense, deeply layered production which focusses more on texture and tone than pleasing the dancefloor. On the flip, 'Maximum Busy Muscle' continues Joe's tradition of rhythmic quirks, of toying with tech-edged percussion but pulling it into his own sphere.

Joe is set to release 'Slope' on October 14th, while Pearson Sound will follow with 'Lola' on November 11th.

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