'The Blow' gets re-worked

Joe Goddard has stepped in to remix YADi's new single 'The Blow'.

Pop is shifting away from its Western axis. 'Gangnam Style' took the sounds of K-Pop to the mainstream, while a new generation of artists are soaking up strange sounds from across the African continent.

YADi could well become a one woman tipping point. A British artist, she is steeped in African culture and allows this to colour every pixel of her music. New single 'The Blow' features Baaba Maal, fusing African rhythms with an irresistible pop touch.

Produced by Johan Hugo (who work with The Very Best, Santigold, M.I.A. makes him an expert at this kind of thing) 'The Blow' has a cross-cultural appeal, quietly breaking boundaries as it ignites the party.

Now Joe Goddard has stepped in on remix duties. Obviously associated with Hot Chip, the producer became somewhat of an unlikely star in South Africa last year when solo single 'Gabriel' cracked the upper echelons of the charts.

Check out the remix below.

- - -

'The Blow' is out now.


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