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'Flight Of The Conchords' Jemaine Clement

Men In Black II may have been a rather shoddy affair (we’re still cringing over Johnny Knoxville's performance). However, news on casting for the third film in the franchise has the Clash Team rubbing their hands with something approaching glee. Jemaine Clement, one half of comedy musical duo ‘Flight Of The Conchords’ has been confirmed to play villain of the piece, Boris.

It may see at first an unusual choice for the role but outwith the TV show and touring with the Conchords, Clements has been beavering away at big screen roles for a while now, starring in ‘Gentleman Broncos’ and turning in a fantastic performance in Indie hit ‘Eagle Vs. Shark’.

It’s been suggested that this outing will see Agent J (Will Smith) travelling through time to hook up with a younger version of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), although for which purpose is yet unclear. Josh Broslin (recent star of Jonah Hex) has been in talks to play the young buck version of Agent K but this has yet to be confirmed. Either way, with Clement on board it’s sure to be worth watching.

Men In Black III is scheduled for a summer 2012 release.


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