Penn Badgley discusses role

Actor Penn Badgley has spoken about playing Jeff Buckley in an upcoming biopic.

Tragically passing away in 1998, Jeff Buckley's life has been heavily mythologised. The subject of numerous biographies, his short life is due to be documented in an upcoming biopic which will start shooting this summer.

Fans have been searching for news on the film, which somewhat controversially cast Penn Badgley as Jeff Buckley. Known for his role in Gossip Girl, Badgely is facially similar to the singer but lacks much musical experience.

With debate growing over his cast, Penn Badgley has given a short interview to NY Mag discussing his role. Giving a few more details about the plot, the actor revealed that he is getting guitar lessons.

"I haven’t begun vocal lessons, but I’m taking guitar lessons. I’m obviously, like, throwing myself 200 percent into it" the actor explained. "I’m just really prepping in every possible manner, and yeah, vocal lessons will at some point be involved. But it is going to be me playing and singing.."

Penn Badgely then explained that the film will not include the singer's death, but instead focuses on his formative experiences in New York. "If you want to know the bullet points of his career and his tragic death, then watch the documentary and listen to his album. This is actually, I think, artistically, something that is really valuable and different" he said.

Finishing, the actor underlined how grateful he was to be taking part in the film. "You know, really, without digging too much into it, it’s a massive undertaking playing anyone who is real; furthermore, someone who has passed. And then furthermore someone who was so gifted and artistic, so, you know, it’s a process that I’m not even 100 percent aware of yet, but it’s been happening for a while, and it’s going to continue until the last day of shooting, and even after."

"And it has influenced me and inspired me and changed my own music, and my vision, I think, as an artist. And, you know, the reason I’m telling you is because, obviously, there’s a whole lot of people who are skeptical, so I would … I just want to be clear that I’m very moved by the opportunity, and I really am giving myself to it."

Shooting will begin on the Jeff Buckley biopic later this year.

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