TufAmerica attempt to sue the rapper...
Jay Z

Jay Z faces a potential law suit over an uncleared sample in 'Run This Town'.

Hip hop is built on sampling. Yet, as the years have progressed, the rules and regulations of sampling have begun more and more defined. Jay Z released 'Run This Town' back in 2009, with Rihanna and Kanye West stopping by for a blockbuster single.

Since then, the song has come under legal scrutiny due to parts of the track resembling Eddie Bo's New Orleans funk cut 'Hook & Sling'. A commonly sampled track in hip hop, 'Hook & Sling' is owned by TufAmerica who are now attempting to sue Jay Z.

Daily News (via Pitchfork) reports that the organisation have filed a copyright infringement notice at a Manhattan court. TufAmerica seemingly want "proceeds from 'Run This Town' and damages to be determined at trial, plus a court order to halt 'further distribution and exploitation' of the Eddie Bo song".

'Hook & Sling' has been at the centre of a copyright row before - Kanye West allegedly sampled the track without permission on 'My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy', sparking a law suit.

Jay Z has yet to comment. Check out both tracks below.

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