Shame, really...

A spokesperson for Jay-Z has denied that the rapper is responsible for the poem recently attributed to him.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are one of the world's most powerful couples. Both artists are instantly recognisable icons, capable of filling out massive arenas around the globe.

So when Beyonce gave birth to the couple's first child, the media went into overdrive. A poem emerged - apparently written by Jay-Z - which apparently saw the rapper refuse to ever again use the word 'bitch'.

Now news is breaking in America that the poem was a fake. Jay-Z's publicist has contacted Stateside website TMZ to dispel rumours surrounding the work, which has no connection to the rapper.

TMZ founder Harvey Levin broke the news on his Twitter feed: "We just spoke with Jay Z's rep. The story that he won't use the word bitches anymore since having the baby is B.S. He never said that."

The news comes just a few hours after Beyonce herself was allegedly the victim of a hoax. Star Magazine in the United States published an interview with the singer, which they promised was the first media date by Beyonce since giving birth.

Beyonce's team have moved to rubbish the story, with a spokeperson telling Access Hollywood that the interview was "completely made up".

In response, the Star UK editor told Access Hollywood: “It is not made up or fictitious at all. We bought the interview from a reporter in the U.S. who conducted the interview with Beyonce before the birth. The reporter then obtained the ‘top-up’ info after the birth, which we believe to have been signed off by a girl on her LSM team".

This one may run and run...

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