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Jamie Woon has spoken about his rise, reflecting on the chance origins of his discovery.

London based newcomer Jamie Woon has been making music for almost a decade. However it wasn't until dubstep pioneer Burial remixed one of his tracks that the singer began to understand what he could do with music.

Turning his take on 'Wayfaring Stranger' into a cracked epic, Burial turned Jamie Woon's notions of songwriting on their head. Recently releasing the superb single 'Night Air' the London singer has clearly taken those lessons on board.

Speaking to FACT, Jamie Woon spoke about the overwhelming acclaim his new single has received. “It’s been wicked, I don’t think it’s a conventional mainstream tune but I felt there’s a possibility it could resonate with quite a lot of people because of the sentiment of the lyrics and the soundscape" he said.

"I’ve always fantasised about making music that kids, pensioners and everyone in between can get into; not on some personal payoff, but I’m loving that this tune caked in ambience has made it onto mainstream radio. But the breadth of support has taken me completely by surprise, Mary Anne Hobbs was the first person to play it and this week I found out that it’s on the playlist at ASDA FM. That’s mental.”

Using the working title of 'In The Middle' the singer has been attempting to complete his debut album. Burial has assisted in some capacity, but Jamie Woon is keen to stress how minimal his involvement was.

"One thing about Will is he is really enthusiastic about working on any kind of music, so if he’s into a track he’ll sometimes offer to do a little bit on it just for fun and it’s in that capacity that he’s worked on ‘Night Air’ and a couple of other tunes on the album, as a friend with good advice, and that’s why we credited it as his real name doing additional production" he said.

"He wasn’t overseeing the whole tune or working as Burial, so to speak, more contributing like a session musician."

Jamie Woon is due to release his debut album in 2011.

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