With re-issue, live shows

James Yorkston & The Athletes is set to release an expanded edition of their debut album 'Moving Up Country'.

Has it really been ten years? Emerging from deepest Fife, James Yorkston's debut album 'Moving Up Country' introduced a strong, provocative songwriting voice.

Since then, the songwriter has embarked on a multitude of projects, but James Yorkston's debut album still burns bright. Now Domino are planning to release an expanded edition, with the Scottish artist planning two anniversary shows.

'Moving Up Country' will be re-issued on April 23rd, with the new version containing two discs. The original studio album will remain intact, with the second disc contains demos, intitial sketches and the full version of a Peel session originally broadcast on Jan 2nd 2003.

Grab the demo version of 'Moving Up Country, Roaring The Gospel' below...

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Alongside the new version of 'Moving Up Country' James Yorkston & The Athletes are planning to play two shows. Hitting London on May 29th, the band are set to re-visit their debut album at Cecil Sharp House.

After this, the collective will travel North for a one off show at Edinburgh venue The Caves on May 31st.

Tickets are on sale now.

James Yorkston & The Athletes are set to play the following shows:

29 London Cecil Sharp House
31 Edinburgh The Caves

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