With a former member of Sepultura...
James Murphy

James Murphy is set to step in and produce a new album from Cavalera Conspiracy.

Stepping aside from LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy has embarked a huge array of projects. Overseeing Arcade Fire's new album 'Reflektor' the producer also stepped in to craft a remix for none other than David Bowie.

Now James Murphy has unveiled plans for perhaps his most unusual project yet. The New York based artist is to produce Cavalera Conspiracy - a metal band, featuring a one time member of Sepultura.

Iggor Cavalera formed the band, and brought the producer on board for a new series of recordings. Looking at the band, James Murphy persuaded Cavalera Conspiracy to slim from a quartet to a two piece.

"James Murphy approached me with the record idea, but eventually suggested some others," he said (via the NME). "To start with, he wants only the two of us in the studio, like a metal version of the White Stripes. He also wants nothing but the two of us on stage."

"He basically asked me to get rid of the rest of the band. Cavalera Conspiracy has four members and two records. Murphy asked us to start from scratch as a duo. According to him, 'this will come to be the heaviest record of our careers'. He promised me that."

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