Does he ever stop?
James Murphy

When LCD Soundsystem drew to a close, James Murphy consoled fans by promising countless new projects.

Well, he wasn't lying. 2013 brought production credits on Arcade Fire's new album, while Murphy was also granted permission to remix David Bowie.

The New Year has brought a flurry of activity, with James Murphy finally launching his much promised own-brand of coffee.

Named House of Good it's produced in collaboration with craft coffee company Blue Bottle - check it out HERE.

Here's a Blue Bottle description: "Its flavor profile – dried cherry, cocoa, meyer lemon – is a harmony between the voluptuous and the austere: It’s akin to the second movement of Carl Nielsen’s Symphony No. 3 – or, perhaps, to that buzzing, syncopated synth line from 'Dance Yrself Clean.' Depends on which James you ask."

Meanwhile, James Murphy has also outlined his campaign to change the tolls used on the New York subway. The producer's aim is to shift the tone as you buzz in, so as each station fills up the public will produce their own music.

Speaking to Wall Street Journal, the DFA lynchpin said: "I started noticing that the subway sounds quite brutal. There's a missing opportunity at the turnstile... Given that all that information is already at the turnstile, why don't we just make it a nice sound? Just make it pleasant".

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