Rolling Stone Endorses Film

Iconic Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has announced that he is supporting a new film which aims to bring attention to the plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees in DR Congo.

The singer has been busy of late, with the Scorcese-directed concert film 'Shine A Light' one of the best music documentaries of recent times. Jagger has taken time out to show his support of the refugees, currently numbering over a quarter of a million people.

The new film is named 'Gimme Shelter' - after the Rolling Stones' song - and has been directed by Hollywood star Ben Affleck. Support agency UNHCR hopes the film will raise £14.9 million in order to supply aid and clean drinking water for refugees.

Affleck shot the film in the North Kivu region of the DR Congo, and claims he wanted to show the human side of the recent battle between government forces and rebel troops.

"On the other hand, I wanted to try to show people something about the refugee situation that they hadn't seen which is that there's an extraordinary dignity to refugees.”

A British release date for 'Gimme Shelter' has yet to be announced.

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